Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Friends, Michigan Natives, and Fishing Trips

Yeah yeah, it has been a long time since you all have heard from me. A really long time. That's the bad news. The good news is that I have been fishing a lot. From native Smallmouth Bass to Steelhead, we have been covering the gamut in the past three months. From the biggest wild Au Sable Brown I have ever seen, to a tough but fulfilling Steelhead trip to New York state, I have certainly been getting mine. Have you been getting yours?

Larry H, a very good friend and client landed a 27" Brown trout with me on a moonless night in September. It beat my personal best by a full inch, and it was a truly spectacular hook-jawed male. Three casts prior to landing this fish, he landed a 22". Not too bad for night that started rather slow.

John J, the "Pine River Jedi," has been showing me around the Smallmouth Bass waters in the tri-city area. Catching between 50 and 80 fish each time out sure is a tough job, but someone has to do it ; ) During the extreme heat of August this past year, his info was key when the northern trout waters became too warm to fish.

Jared M is a newer fishing buddy with whom I took several fishing trips with over the past three months. Originally addicted to the pursuit of catching a salmon via a legitimate hookup, it was hooking a Steelhead on the swing that eventually left him shaken and wild-eyed.

Blake H is another new fishing buddy. In fact, he is new to fly fishing. In our time together, he has described fly fishing as a "religion," and the river as his "church." Seems to me that he has the bug for sure.

Finally, my son Jack is doing great. We started him casting a fly rod this fall, and he took to it very quickly. A picture of our casting sessions can be seen below. It was great watching him cast the rod while laughing uncontrollably. In fact, it was priceless.

The fishing is good and the company is better. Steelhead are in the rivers, deer are in the woods, and there is definitely no better time of the year to be a Michigander than now. And again, I apologize for the time lapse in reports and stories. Please look forward to many more blog entries to come!

Larry's 22 incher, imagine his surprise when...

Three casts later he landed this 27 incher!

Lil' Jack casting with flare

Barr's Slump Buster with a twist

Zoar Valley, New York

Emerald Shiner imitation

This fish hit HARD!

She put up a great fight on a 5 weight Hydros

Myself with a Michigan native, the Smallmouth Bass

The Pine River Jedi