Monday, January 18, 2010

The Take

What is it about the take of a big fish? It makes the heart go and keeps us coming back. Whether its the take of a big brown on top, a bobber dropping, or the subtle take of a walleye on hardwater, it is what we are after. There are thousands of methods of fishing out there, but they are but for one goal: the take

I am sure fisherman that read this know what I'm talking about. Each one of you probably remember a time and place where "the take" occurred for you. For me, it was a Redfish in the mangroves of Charlotte Harbor. I remember that particular fish because it was a tough cast, and, on the strip back to the boat, an enormous Redfish (or Red Drum) followed it for probably 20 ft. before striking it. This took place in less than 2 ft. of water, where I could see the whole event take place. Needless to say, I was pretty pumped up after landing that fish.

Take care everyone, may good fishing and "the take" come to you very soon.

I rolled this fish on 2 nights prior to the night I landed him. All 3 nights, the fish hammered my mouse like a freight train.

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