Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chrome Dome

Got out for some fishing/guiding with a friend from Wyoming yesterday. It was some of the best steelheading I ever had. The fishing was plain out of sight. Unfortunately, I spent the whole day with a lingering sickness that started Wednesday night. However, hooking fish after fish after fish will keep your spirits up pretty well I'd say.

Matt had never flyfished for steelhead before, and he still managed to bag 3 steelhead, 1 huge walleye, a few trout, and some "bugle trout" (a.k.a. suckers). After some instruction, Matt got the hang of it and we finished the day strong with each of us hooking a lot of fish.

Sorry about the short report, I am still feeling rather sick and I think some sleep is in order...

Chrome hen from a hole

Matt with another big hen

Myself with a good hen

A salmon head. Dead salmon provide a lot of extra nutrients for the river and the organisms that thrive in and around it.

Matt's handsome buck

Matt's 8 lb + walleye

Nice brownie

One of Matt's "bugle trout." Look how happy he was to catch it haha

Catch and Release

These fish are only a sampling of what was caught during the day. Above all, I got to spend time with a friend that I hadn't seen in a long, long time. Thank goodness for good friends and great times!

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