Monday, December 28, 2009

Blizzard Fishing

The past week has been interesting for me. Wintertime fishing. Fishing in sub-zero temperatures means rod guides freezing, ice everywhere actually. Everything from tying knots to walking to the fishing spot takes longer. A week ago I spent an afternoon on a West Michigan river with a friend. We managed to have a great day of fishing on a day that topped out at 31 degrees. Yesterday I fished with my dad, and we managed a couple trout and a steelie, with the snow falling most of the time we were out. Today fishing was a bit tougher, with only one fish being hooked that did the "alligator roll" to evade the net. I've never seen them do this in warm water, but its a good tactic nonetheless. Here's some pics...

You gotta love wintertime fishin'

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  1. Thanks Phil, for story about that first night fish. I remember it vividly.