Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Two important figures...

Two very important figures in flytying passed on in the last month. Jack Gartside and Rusty Gates will be remembered fondly and their ideas will be used in tying flies for years to come. Rusty and Jack were major stewards of the resource they used. In the following blog I will outline two of Jack Gartsides fly patterns, the very effective "Gartside Gurgler," and the "Gartside Sparrow."

The Gartside Sparrow is a nymph/streamer. Its easy to tie, and even easier to fish. I have caught steelhead, salmon, and trout on this fly, and I bet you could catch a lot more species of fish with it as well. Swing it, dead drift it, strip it, it works pretty much however you fish it. Here's a pic.

The tail is grizzly marabou, the body is olive dubbing, the collar is pheasant rump, the the head is aftershaft feather. You can change the colors and experiment with different materials too.

Next is the Gartside Gurgler. Jack tied it in other materials, but this pattern is as good as any. I use this for bass, trout, panfish, and it was originally tied for stripers and other saltwater fish. As with the sparrow, there are a million different ways to fish it, so experiment with it when on the water.

The tail is marabou, the body is ice chenille with black hackle. Before you tie the body on, tie on a thick piece of thick foam then pull it over the body when tied. Create a lip with the foam over the eye of the hook so the fly "gurgles."

Jack Gartside will be remembered as one of the great modern fly tiers. His patterns still catch a lot of fish, and they will produce for you.

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