Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Out on the River

This is what we were after today, out on the hard water. It was a late bite today, from about a quarter to five till dusk. A good buddy of mine and I managed to land around 15 walleye, however they were all too small for the fryer. The pic above was taken earlier this year, had a good fish fry the next night ; ) Why is it that the most "thrown together" rig always manages to bag the most fish? I have a borderline panfish rod with a tiny reel on it (with virtually no drag) and yet today I could drop it down almost any hole and get bit. My more expensive rigs, with proven jigheads and lures on them, fell flat today. Tommy and I were lamenting about this before the bite turned on, and sure enough it turned out to be true for the both of us today. Just remember this the next time you "throw something together" I guess...

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